App Marketing Secrets From Blek Co-founder

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Blek cofounder Denis Mikan recently spoke with Business Insider about the success of Blek, a game that stayed at the top of the App Store charts for 20 consecutive days.

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Blek’s app marketing strategies:

Promo video – Mikan credits the primary marketing success of Blek to the game’s promotional video that the developers produced several months after the game was released. (See the promo video embedded below).

Featured in App Store – Apple is tight-lipped about their editorial process for finding and featuring certain apps. So, it almost feels like Mikan is cheating to mention this. It goes without saying that apps that are featured by Apple, see increased downloads and usage. Blek was no exception. Once Apple featured the game, downloads increased, and Blek stayed at the top of the charts for 20 consecutive days.

Pricing – While most developers have opted for free apps and a monetization strategy of in-app purchases and in-app advertising, Mikan and his brother chose to price Blek at $2.99.

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