App of the Day Instant Fixes Slow iTunes store

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How could iOS developers sell a lot more apps? If the iTunes store wasn’t as slow as Christmas, Apple and developers would be selling a lot more apps. Jeff Bezos’ famous line, which I’m recounting from memory so it may not be perfect, “Our biggest problem is the start time for most PCs” meaning that Bezos and millions of other ecommerce companies could sell a lot more stuff if computer start-up times didn’t take so long.

In the age of instant-on iPads, that start-up time is a thing of the past, but the iTunes store is still far from perfect. We’re assuming that Steve-o realizes this fact on some level and there’s a swat team of programmers hard at work in some sub-basement secret Apple lab.

Until a soup-to-nuts revamping of iTunes and the iTunes store appears, Appoftheday’s new AppoftheDay Instant is filling the void very, very well.

Based on the recent Google Instant that displays search results in real-time as you’re typing a search query, AppoftheDay presents a visitor with a very large search box labeled App Store Instant. Type in a query for an app, and bam as soon you type the letters “Ang” you’re seeing Angry Birds, the super addictive game. Another example, type the letters “wea” and you instantly see a variety of iOS weather apps – Weather Channel, Weatherbug Elite, etc.

Take a bow AppoftheDay team. While Steve-o is in a pissing match with a Long Island journalism student, you created the iTunes store that Apple should have.

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