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We spend a ton of time here at APPetite PR talking about, using, downloading, and discussing apps – and how people use apps in their daily life and work flow. We thought it would be good to take a look at what apps people having on their home screens and how they’re using them.

First up is Ashleigh Schroeck. Schroeck is a 23-year-old PR & Marketing professional, and an account executive at WISE PRAPPetite PR. She works in NYC and lives by the beach in Belmar, NJ.

Here’s what Ashleigh had to say about her choice of apps:

Message- This is the one app that I use throughout the day, every single day. My friends and family are big texters.

Calendar- I like having the date right there at-a-glance. I also use my calendar to remind me of appointments, events, etc.

Photos- I don’t review my photos often after I’ve taken them, but I will send them to people once in a while. I usually upload them to social media immediately.

Camera- I use my camera on an almost daily basis to send things that I find entertaining or interesting either to friends or my social media sites.

Videos- I never use this, but kept it on my home screen for some reason.

YouTube- I hardly ever use YouTube, but when I do it’s usually to find a specific song that I want to listen to.

Weather- The weather app is one of my favorites. I check it before I go to sleep so I know what I’m in for the next day, and when I wake up it helps me decide what to wear.

Maps- I would be lost without this app… literally. I use it in place of a GPS whenever I’m driving somewhere and its been helping me navigate my way around the city!

Notes- I use this pretty often to jot down reminders for myself, grocery lists, songs that I want to download, etc.

iTunes- I didn’t transfer my music to my phone so I never use this app. But again, I left it on my home screen anyway.

Pandora- Since I didn’t want to take up space with my iTunes library, I use Pandora anytime I want to listen to music. I have tons of stations saved that I listen to mostly in the car, but it’s also great to plug into speakers at a party or get-together.

Utilities (Clock, Calculator, Reminders, Settings, etc)- Things I don’t use that often, but I like to have them handy on the home screen. The alarm clock is really the only one I use on a daily basis.

Phone- The only necessary app- I tend to use my favorites and recent calls lists more than my actual contacts when making phone calls.

Mail- Another important app that I use throughout the day as I receive e-mails.

Safari- I look at least one thing up on a daily basis so Safari is up there with texting on my list of most utilized apps.

Music- Yet another useless app that takes up space on my home screen since I don’t have any music on my phone.

We’d like to see what app you use on a daily basis. Send us your home screen and your thoughts about the apps you use. Email us.

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