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Sometimes app developers plan and design their apps in relative isolation. We happen to think it’s important for app developers know what popular mobile apps people are using on a daily basis. That knowledge is not so that you will design a knock-off app, but you need to know what apps do people come back to over and over again – and what can you, as a developer, learn from those popular apps?

Is there a feature or design in Instagram or Evernote that you could incorporate into the game or utility app that you’re building? With that said, we’re going to have a regular APPetite feature where we showcase someone’s home screen so that you can see what apps people are using and loving on a daily basis.


Camera – even thought I increasingly use Instagram to take photos, I often resort to the iOS camera to take a quick shot or video.

iOS Messages


Good Todo – Everyone has their own productivity system and apps. I happen to like Mark Hurst’s Good ToDo web service and apps.

Tweetbot – Still the best Twitter app, hands down, in my opinion.

Google+ – I know the tech press loves to hate Google+. If all my friends/family would move from Facebook and Twitter, I’d happily use Google+ as my sole social network. Until then, I’m an active Google+ user in addition to Facebook and Twitter. I also really like how the G+ app on my phone automatically uploads any new photos that I take – unprompted. I have the ability to share those photos any way that I’d like via G+ – there’s no automatic sharing – just automatic uploading.

Kindle – I use Kindle, but I also use and love ReadMill for eBook reading. I’ll be moving ReadMill to my home screen very soon. If you use your phone for eBook reading, I strongly encourage you to check out ReadMill.

Calendar – I should get remove Calendar from my home screen. I never use it. I’m constantly on the search for a perfect calendar app. Currently, I use Fantastical.

Instapaper – Use it all the time. More on my iPad than my iPhone, but I’m an Instapaper junkie.

Photos – I should delete this from my home screen. I never use it. If I want to look at photos, I either open the Camera and check my photos that way, or I use Instagram.

Shine – Another app I should delete. I never use it, but I don’t really use any weather apps. I’m always the last person to know about impending storms or bad weather.

Maps – this one I should really delete. I use Google Maps for everything map related. I’ve even started using Google Maps in my car instead of my Garmin.

Clock – use the timer every day.

Newsstand – Another that I could readily move off my home screen. I rarely use it.

App Store – I could probably move this to page 2 vs. the home screen.

Voice memos – yet another that I could move.

What’s missing? I need to add Evernote and Apple’s Podcasts app to my home screen. I use them a lot.

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