The App Ecosystem is Only Starting To Explode

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The numbers are mind-blowing. Wall Street analysts, people who are paid hefty salaries to cut through the fanboy hype and make well-researched estimates on sales, totally missed Apple’s explosive iPad sales in 2010.

Apple sold nearly 15 million iPads in 2010, blowing away analysts’ estimates, which averaged 3.3 million and topped out at 7 million, TechCrunch noted, citing a post on Asymco.

That’s 15 million sold in 9 months. Who knows how many iPads will sell in 2011, especially with the rumored iPad 2 on the horizon. Apple is also closing in on the 10 billionth app downloaded from the App Store.

And that’s just Apple. Every headline out of Vegas earlier this month trumpeted 2011 as the year of the tablet. Android, webOS, Windows, and Blackberry tablets. In addition, Amazon’s Android App Store will surely make the app purchasing process for Android much more simplified.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press this week has jumped on the Bubble Ball story – app developed by an 8th grader pushed Angry Birds off the top of the App Store charts.

But, we’re not talking just tablets here. Everyone has seen the growth projections for smartphone sales – Android and iPhone. Out of sympathy, we won’t spend any time discussing Windows Phone 7. Every one of those device owners will be looking for apps that meet their needs – creating an App Ecosystem open to all developers – indie and large developers alike.

What are your app development plans for 2011? How are you going to take advantage of the exploding app ecosystem?

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